4 Pictures of Kids and The Story Behind Them

Let’s see the 4 pictures of kids and check out what’s the story behind these pictures.

Bali school teaching Green Lessons

With the Eight Green School iRespect Values that guide this school:


they have the goal of teaching kids to be good leaders and innovators for the good of the environment. They teach kids to be globally-aware of the pressing problems of the changing environment and how to prepare for such changes in the near future.

Lessons like climate change and protection are the main subjects tackled by this school.

This is a very effective way since at still a young age, these kids will already learn the value of recycling, conservation and waste management. Preserving the planet is the long term goal, so to achieve it, it should start as early as from the kids themselves. More on the story in these 2 articles Greenest School on Earth Green School Bali: We learn from nature and Green lessons at Bali school.

kids learning Green Lessons in Bali

photo by Juri Rescheto

Bad Parenting?

Taking care of kids is dependent on how parents do it. You can teach it, but ultimately each child is different.

kid in ricefield photo by @deletia

kid in ricefield photo by @deletia

The story behind this photo is a mother who has to trick her child in order for her to do her work. Bad thing? I don’t think so. Sometimes you have to do it. It’s the only way for you to be able to work to earn money, and for kids not to be too dependent on the parent. Although the child is still very young and its ok to still be clingy to the parent, but there is also a side of not being able to work for the child’s future. We all know most kids will cry when separated from their parents. But sometimes it is necessary. It might change the child’s perception of things, but when the kid grows up, he’ll soon learn the reason why.

Last one is just a picture of 2 adorable Balinese dancers. Not much story here except that these kids learn the value of their heritage and culture at this tender age, which is a good thing. As early as now, they should be appreciative of their own history so that when they grow up, they will stand proud of being of Balinese descent.

adorable Balinese kid dancers photo by @jabunami

adorable Balinese kid dancers photo by @jabunami