Do you often feel that you have a lot to do in your daily life? Not enough time for the essential things? Don’t let your hard-earned Bali holiday turn into the exact same hectic, tiring charade that our lives have become.

Now, imagine yourself here, at Villa Adagian. You are relaxing with your close ones in complete privacy, laughing with your children while they play in your very own pool, or just chatting with your spouse while sipping an espresso made with Balinese coffee.

You’ve just discovered more about Bali while talking with Putu, your ever smiling maid while she was preparing breakfast for everyone. You’ve told your chauffeur Made about your plan to visit the Tanah Lot temple, only 45 minutes away.

Tonight, you will hop on your scooter for a short 8-minute ride to Sardine, one of the most beautiful restaurants in Bali.

Your own holiday home to enjoy and explore Bali

As a visitor to Bali, you are probably like me: I want to explore the island, from rice paddies near Ubud to hip bars in Seminyak, while at the same time taking the time to just sit in a great place and relax. This is why I chose to make Villa Adagian my holiday home. Now, you can rent it to make your own holiday house, for 3 nights, a week or even a month. (click here to know about my story).

The villa sits in the serene area of Umalas, in the middle of the golden triangle of Seminyak, Kerobokan and Canggu. It is located at the end of an alleyway (a “gang” in Indonesian), not far from a river. Beautiful high trees surround the walls of Villa Adagian, which gives you full privacy.

The villa is composed of 2 traditional, vintage houses, connected by the pool and the garden. The bigger house is called a joglo: it is a traditional Javanese house, with a pyramid-like roof. One part of the joglo has partitions, this is where you can find 2 bedrooms. The rest of the joglo is fully open on the garden, with the living room, the kitchen and the dining table.


The main house, a vintage Joglo house from Java

On the other side of the garden, you will find the smaller house of Villa Adagian. This wood building is called a gladak. This is also a traditional, vintage Javanese house transplanted into my Balinese property. This gladak is a world of itself, as I have transformed into a big bedroom, with its en-suite bathroom. Imagine how happy your teenagers will be to have their “own” house within the villa !


The Gladak, a traditional wooden structure, at the other end of the pool

As a lover of beautiful things, I also wanted to put into my (and your) Bali vacation home some of my findings in contemporary shops in Bali: quality dinner plates from Balinese ceramics manufacturer Jenggala, designer lamps made in the nearby Tabanan regency, photos of Balinese ceremonies rendered in black and white on canvass.

And as a European, I could not help adding a few things like a decent espresso machine and fine bed linens.


Romantic ambiance at night in the carefully lit garden


Live your Balinese fantasy in the Gladak bedroom

This bedroom is located in a gladak, an antique Javanese wood house transported from Java and set up at the other side of the garden. The whole gladak had been transformed into a comfortable, air-contionned bedroom. This room offers a very charming Indonesian ambiance, with its traditional ceiling and its wooden floor.

Imagine waking up in this traditional Indonesian house. Slide open its French windows and enjoy the view on the garden, the house temple and the swimming pool. On the other side of the pool, you can maybe see your maid Putu preparing you breakfast. Before heading to the dinner table, freshen up in your own bathroom, separated from the bedroom by a traditional wooden door.



Inside the bathroom of the gladak

Unwind in the 2 comfortable bedrooms of the vintage Joglo

These 2 bedrooms are located in the Joglo, the bigger house of the villa. The term “Joglo” is often used to refer the distinctive type of Javanese roof with rising central part of roof supported by four or more main wooden columns. Just like in traditional Javanese houses, the bedrooms are located in the dalem part of the joglo, i.e. the inner sections with walled enclosure.

These bedrooms are very similar one to another, with a modern feel. They are comfortable, with air conditioning. The ceiling is very high, airy, in the traditional Javanese style.

Each of these bedrooms have an en-suite, semi open-air bathroom. Imagine yourself taking a shower under the Balinese sun … or looking at the stars at night! The high walls around the house give you 100% privacy.




Soak in the Balinese Nature while relaxing and dining with friends and family

The living room, the kitchen and the dining room are located in the joglo, the bigger house of the villa. In this traditional Javanese house transplanted in Bali, you will be able to share great moment with your close ones. This large roofed space, with no partition, is open on your private pool and garden. On the other side of the pool, you can see the smaller house, the gladak.


The living room offers two comfortable sofas, a flat screen tv, satellite TV with a dozen English-language channels, an Apple TV to see movies and shows from iTunes, high speed wifi, a collection of DVDs and a stereo system. Relax in the sofas, while keeping an eye on your children who are playing in the swimming pool. At night, watch a DVD while enjoying the cool breeze coming from the garden. If you feel like it, you can turn on the powerful fans attached to the ceiling.


Fancy a nice Balinese meal or just some cream pasta for your family and your friends? The villa has in our full equiped kitchen. Feel free to use the stove and the cooking utensils. We have put in the kitchen some a very simple recipe book full of delicious Indonesian recipes. Your maid Putu can also cook lunch and even for you, there’s a menu in the villa available for you.

By the way, don’t worry too much about breakfast : Putu will prepare it for you every morning. Just wake up, go to the kitchen and ask her for fresh coffee, straight from our espresso machine. Enjoy your cup of real Bali coffee (“kopi Bali”)! (breakfast is included, but lunch and dinner are extra).


Prepare meals or have them cooked by the maid

The dining table is located under the roof of the joglo, just a few steps aways from the pool. Gather round friends and family to enjoy breakfast together. When was the last time you enjoyed a meal with all of them, with a view on your own private garden ?

Thanks to the high speed wifi, you can also work on your laptop on this table, while the kids are playing in the garden or while your spouse is getting a massage in one of the bedrooms. Nice view from your new office desk, right?


Share meals and memories around the table


Share unforgettable hours around the pool, under the trees

Imagine enjoying your own private pool at Villa Adagian, in full privacy, thanks to the high walls and the beautiful trees overlooking the garden. Sit on the chaises with your spouse, while the kids are playing in the pool. Listen to the wind in the trees, while you are reading a good book or just relaxing in the sun.


Peaceful, private garden with 12-meter pool

The swimming pool is 12 metres long and 4 metres wide. There is a semi-circular shallow pool where you can play with little kids. The rest of the pool slowly slopes down up to 2 metres deep. You can have a real swim in the jade green waters or just play ball with your friends.


Comfortable designer chaises longues

Our gardener Kadek takes care of the pool and of the garden every day, so that you can enjoy them in pristine conditions. We have recently planted new trees and flowers, notably aroud the house temple. You will see that our maid Putu will lay down offerings by the temple every day, so that the good spirits protect the house and its guests.


Jade green pool at night

Relax thanks to our Friendly Staff and Numerous Services


Daily Service

  • Daily Cleaning and Cooking Service
    Your maid cleans every room, every day (Service schedule: from 8AM to 4PM, with 1-hour lunch break);
    Your maid cooks breakfast every morning, just tell her what you like;
    Your maid can cook lunch and even dinner for you, for a 20% service charge on top of the total cost of groceries.
  • Daily Gardening and Pool Maintenance
  • Night Security
  • Free airport pick-up
  • Work and Play with High-Speed Wifi
    Strong wi-fi connection in all rooms;
    In case you need to work, a big-screen iMac computer is yours free to use;
    In addition to the flat-screen TV and the DVD player, an Apple TV lets you order TV shows and movies on demand from your home country (using your own iTunes account).
  • Optional Chauffeur, Scooter Rental or Car Rental (Contact us to book this kind of service)

A convenient location to relax at home and also to explore Bali

Villa Adagian is located in peaceful Umalas, just near the hip Seminyak area. Umalas is very popular with long-term expatriates, for reasons that matter to tourists as well: it is quiet, out of the crowds, yet very close to the trendy restaurants and bars of Kerobokan, Petitenget and Seminyak. It is also close to the beaches of Betubelig and Canggu. Umalas is a great place to relax, as well as to go to town to enjoy the nightlife of Seminyak and to leave to explore central Bali (e.g. Tanah Lot temple and Ubud).

To know more about the location, see the page Why Villa Adagian.


Umalas, close to the city,but not too close