Bali Travel News: This week’s best in photos, videos and contents

Ahh Bali. This very famous island of Indonesia always leaves the tourist wanting to come back again and again. With the perfect weather, awesome beaches, and must-try food, who wouldn’t?



News in Bali

There is never a week in Bali where there’s always breaking news that would shock those that are not familiar with Bali life. Fortunately last week had some light news that’s not so shocking to the minds of the calm, but nevertheless needs our attention. In an article by, the ever rising problem in Bali has not yet stopped and that is . . waste disposal. Trash is something that needs the proper management, like segrating the biodegradable from the compost and those that rot. This is a problem that’s not just in Bali, but all around the world. We can’t help but take notice of this since we will be also adversely affected if we don’t do our part. The Buleleng beaches of Bali is now facing this problem. Trash just washes ashore on the beachside and it is just sad to see such thoughtless disregard for proper mannerism in littering. Not convinced? You can read for yourself. Check this link.

In relation to the previous article, this next one hopefully will shed a little light on that pressing problem. In Bali there is a new petition of “No to plastic bags.” Actually, this petition is trying to be implemented not just in Bali, but in many countries around the world. Its good to hear that the people and their communities are actually stepping up in doing their own part. Hats off to the environmental individuals for bringing this matter to the forefront of public scrutiny. Hopefully this issue will be handled by council, or the government of Bali in a very open-minded way. For more info, check this link to find out how you can help in the petition.

Bali beach trash photo by Spadey09

Bali beach trash photo by Spadey09

Political aspect of Bali

As Bali locals and those who know much about Bali culture, the upcoming celebration of Nyepi or the Hindu Day of Silence is now near, and preparations for this big event have now been started. But there’s one thing that hinders all the exciting preparations: the official campaign season for the country’s general election. Although for some this might not be such a big thing, but what do you get when you have candidates running for a political post and their is a solemn celebration at the same time? Well, candidates who throw big parties, with their face being the main focus of the celebration, forgetting that it is for the Neypi event. So there comes a problem where campaigning for a person’s candidacy comes in conflict with the Hindu Day of Silence. What do you do? Make noise to promote your candidate? Or take heed of silence in respect of celebrating Neypi? See how conflicting it is?

And like what we always do every week when we have news updates, this time let’s tackle the economical facet of the Bali tourism industry.

Since Bali is very rich in culture and tourists flock to this place day in and day out, it makes us wonder, where do all the supplies come from. We’re talking about the supplies for the hotel like food and others. Like where do the vegetables that are served in a Caesar salad in a Bali luxury resort come from? Is it grown locally? Or imported from other countries? Well we would like to believe that most of the vegetables come from the local Bali farming agriculture. But is it enough? Can it supply the whole Bali tourist population demand? Not only that, since we mentioned earlier on Bali’s rich culture, little do we know but Bali is renowned for its top export commodities including textiles, garments, canned fish, wooden products, handicrafts, silver jewelries, coffee, seaweeds, vanilla and tuna. So this brings us to the subject of export economics in Bali, and answering the question if Bali is self-sustaining. There is a growing problem in Bali regarding the export industry that in the period between 2008 and 2012, Bali’s export values have grown negatively at minus 3.32 percent.

In this article by, it tackles the issue on the export economics of Bali. Check it out.

Bali economics

Bali economics photo by Matthew Kenwrick

Bali photographs for the senses

There are so many beautiful spots in Bali, that’s why the entire island paradise is world-famous since it’s not only 1 particular. We show you a photo that will definitely leave you in awe after looking at it.

uluwatu low tide

uluwatu low tide photo by Jessy Eykendorp

Just look at the crystal blue waters on that little pool of water in Uluwatu seaside. Just glittering with sensual attraction for anyone to take a dip in it. You can tell just by looking at it that it’s cool, perfectly combined with the sun’s heat, is just the best time to take a swim.

And this next one is another stunning photo of Bali, by @damnitstrue shows the culture and heritage of Bali, known for its temples. One the reasons why many tourists come to Bali is the rich Asian Indonesian culture. There are some things we learn about a race, from the internet and research. But what better way to learn than by first-hand experience of actually going to Bali and immersing yourself in the Balinese way of life.

TanahLot photo by @damnitstrue

TanahLot photo by @damnitstrue

Remember, seeing Bali on TV or throught the world wide web on you computer monitor, or through your laptop or iphone is spectacular. But actually being in Bali personally, is a totally different experience. So we encourage YOU, and everyone else, to book a flight o Bali, live in a villa, immerse yourself in Bali culture, and build memories that will last for a lifetime and forever life-changing. Book with us now!

Bali luxury beach photo by Kyle.F

Bali luxury beach photo by Kyle.F