Bali Travel News: This week’s best in photos, videos and contents

Good day everyone! Let us all welcome the 2014 with high hopes and aspirations,despite the trials and difficulties during 2013!

The year 2013 ended with lots of bad news and unwanted happenings around Bali. And in the start of 2014, news also broke out of terrible incidents in the island. But we should keep in mind that even though bad things happen, WE MUST MOVE ON!

Now we don’t want to live or relive the unwanted incidents, but it is a good way for us to look back at them and hopefully learn from it as experiences. Let’s first tackle the “bad” happenings, and end this write-up with all the “good” ones.

Let’s start with the latest news and articles happening in and around Bali.

Bali rice terraces by Gedsman

Bali rice terraces photo by Gedsman

Bali news: Levy on tourists

In an article by The Bali Times entitled: “Tourist Donation to Bali Impeded by Problem,” it discusses about the plan of government of Bali, Indonesia, to charge tourists an additional $10 charge, that will go to fund that will be for the protection of cultural heritage and environment of Bali and partly an insurance policy to any foreign tourists – this insurance fund will be for those tourists who may have insurance in their own home country but in an event of an immediate illness or worse, death, this fund will be immediately answerable for those expenses incurred on the island itself. However, the Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika cites legal problems with this kind of implementation stating that, any charges or fees in favor of the provincial level government of Bali, should never conflict with the charges/fees national government of Indonesia. This means that any levy made in the provincial level may not anymore exist. This conflict is closely looked into by the Office of the Governor in order to avoid legal problems in the future. (Check the link to dig in to details.)

Waste disposal becoming a problem

The next other bad news that we have to tackle for us to move on, is most probably the biggest problem facing Bali today, waste disposal. In a picture with a short write-up by Pandu Adnyana, the picture shows the wide stretch of a Bali beach . . covered with trash.

Bali trash photo by Pandu Adnyana

Bali trash by the beach photo by Pandu Adnyana

This is a pressing problem not just in Bali, but in many other parts of Asia. The photo above should be a wake-up call to the government authorities in Bali, that they should step-up in educating the people, restaurant, hotel, villa and other owners of establishments to put their trash where it belongs. That waste disposal can affect the health of the tourists around. But let’s not put all the blame on the government and these business owners. The mentality to properly dispose of trash should start from the individual person. Only then will this problem be slowly solved. The government of Bali, the business owners, and the tourists themselves should work hand-in-hand to make Bali island clean, and make it a more beautiful-than-ever place to live in.

Bali beach view photo by SanMo

Bali beach view photo by SanMo

Economic status in 2014

For some other news, not necessarily bad but also needs our little hindsight is the economic changes in 2014 for Bali. The website reports: “The value of the Indonesian Rupiah against the U.S. Dollar will continue to slacken in 2014, causing the Indonesian economy to weaken somewhat.” The article mentions that this may be due to the fact that spending in 2014 will be relatively focused on the upcoming legislative and presidential elections.

Let’s slowly start to shift from bad news, to a more lighter side of the Bali island. In this article written by Paula McInerney she talks about her most favorite place in the whole island, Ubud. This biased but accurately true depiction of Ubud brings as to an in-depth personal perspective of a tourists’ life in this small town. How this writer manages to sway readers in to believing that Ubud is the best among all other Bali places, is something that we should find out by reading her article. She suggests that if tourists are not fond of art, good food and monkeys , then Ubud is not the place to go to. She was probably being sarcastic as most of the places in Bali have all of those mentioned. To learn more of Ubud through Paula’s article, check out her article in this link.

Bali culture photo by peo pea

Bali culture photo by peo pea

Good news and inspiration to feel good

Moving a step further to the lighter side of news and reviews of Bali island, we next take on this article contributed by different bloggers who have gone and experience Bali for themselves. This post is perfect for those who need a little pat on the back, and a little push to keep going. Entitled: “4 reasons why Bali will inspire you” this piece itself will give you plenty of reasons to become a spiritual, fresh, open-minded person and just try to accept the finer things in life, rather than dwell on the ones that will never help in personal growth. Featuring Bali’s landscapes, rice fields, temples and most especially, the people of Bali, this contributory article by travel bloggers makes you wonder, “we see these kinds of things from many other places other than Bali.” But the way it is written also makes you realize how Bali is so unique in these so many ways that you begin to see the brighter side of life.

In this next article, we are taken to a real insiders guide on how to spend a week in Bali, like a real local, immersing into the culture and really moving like a Bali resident.  writes about a guide to blending-in to Balinese culture and acting like a local by eating, living and talking the way Bali locals do. This 7-day, day-by-day step guide to enjoying Bali like a local is perfect for the really new ones and first-timers in Bali. And although it is detailed, every experience is different from every one person, couple, or group. So, this is just a “guide.” It is not mandatory but a heads-up on living in Bali like a “know-it-all” (but in a good way). For more details, check out Spend a week in Bali, like a local.

Now for the final ingredient to adding good news to the table, as you all know, Valentines Day is just around the corner and Bali is just the perfect place to spend such an intimate event, not just for couples but for families as well. The villas are the best way to go for a romantic and really intimate/private getaway in Bali. You have your own pool, your own room, your personal service staff and every amenity all to yourselves. We looked around the internet globe and found some 6 villas that may be of help to your vacation planning needs for Valentines Day. Perfect for honeymooners, planning-to-propose gents, and for couples with young kids. Check out and find out which villa is perfect for you. Of course we would first recommend our villa, but these are not bad at all. So we do hope you enjoy your stay in Bali. Just leave the problems in your own homes, and bring the good vibes to this beautiful island! Come now!


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