Leave Stress Behind & Rediscover your Loved Ones and Yourself

Bulung Daya, my holiday home, is located away from the hectic pace and crowded streets of the modern Bali that you can see in Kuta. This unique beach retreat lets you live an unforgettable experience by the sea, in the middle of the Balinese countryside, with the people you love.

Discreet Vila Bulung daya Bali

Lifelong Memories in an Enchanting Landscape

Imagine yourself waking up in 1 of the 2 bedrooms of the villa. From your bed, you notice that the tide is on the ebb. Along the shoreline, the black volcanic sand is shining like a mirror in the morning sun.

You slide open the glass doors. The sound of the waves crashing at the foot of the nearby cliff is like an invitation for you to walk barefoot on the deck.

Discreet luxury wild beach bulung daya bali

 You turn slightly around the house and contemplate the rice paddies flowing down the hills like a grassy waterfall, just 20 feet away from you. In the background, little clouds cling to the summit of extinct volcano Mount Batukaru.

No other buildings around, just your holiday home. The maid, called Made, sees you, smiles at you, and asks you whether you are ready for breakfast. You go and get your spouse, who had settled down into the office to check his emails. Time also to wake up your teenagers who are sleeping in the second house. Will you all go for a stroll on the beach or among the rice paddies after breakfast? This will be a good discussion topic around the family table. Another great is starting at Bulung Daya.

What to do in West Bali

Luxury Hideaway Villa with Indonesian Twist

Bulung Daya has 2 main guest houses, along with several service and entertainment spaces.

The 2 main wood buildings stand on the same level. They were finished in December 2013. I used beautiful Indonesian wood types, black Bali lava stone, white Javanese stones and more modern building materials.


You can turn on the air conditioning in every room or let the big glass doors open to look at the beach and at the rice paddies. When everything is closed, the sound of the waves is very faint, which allows you to sleep peacefully.

Walk with me through your Bali beach retreat in this short video

1st House: Bedroom, Bath, Home Office

In the first house, you can find a large bedroom, a bathroom and a home office.

In the vast bedroom, a king size bed welcomes your most romantic nights. All the furniture has been made to measure in Bali: the bed headboard, the bed with its decorative mosquito net, the built-in bedroom cabinets, the lamps that give a charming glow to the room in the evening.


The en-suite home office is a very well-appointed room that you can use to think, write or work: a computer, wi-fi, plugs, a desk, a sofa, a TV and an espresso machine. This home office has a view on the beach, to help kickstart your creativity.


The bathroom has 2 stone sinks set in a piece of furniture created by Warisan, the acclaimed Bali high end designer, a shower with a view on the sea, walk-in clothes cabinets, and a separate toilet area. The bathroom boasts a splendid view on the nearby cliff.


The Master Suite also offers a very romantic sport, with a Bali lava stone bathtub. Located outside, a few feet from the bathroom, it is also very private, as it out of the view of anyone else at the villa.


2nd House : Bedroom, Bath, Dining and Living Room

Between the 2 timber houses lies a decorative, shallow pond, set in black lava stone.


The second house holds the second bedroom, a bathroom and the dining / living room.

This second bedroom is a bit smaller, but it has a double view on the the beach and the rice fields. The furniture is also made to measure in Bali: the big contemporary bed with its romantic decorative mosquito net, the bed headboard which doubles on the other side a clothing cabinet for 2.


The other side of the bed head board is a custom-made wall closet conveniently located between the bedroom and the bathroom. The latter boasts 2 spectacular Bali stone sinks, a big shower for 2 overlooking the rice paddies and a separate toilet area.


The living and dining room is a very welcoming place: a huge table for meals, a lounge area and a stunning bookshelf that we imagined and got built locally. The table and the chairs are by Reynaldo Zapp, a Brazilian designer living in Bali.


The living room is great to have meals with your family or with friends that you have invited for lunch, to have coffee or cocktails in the comfortably large sofas or to discuss your travel plans with the villa manager. Wi-fi is available here, just like in every other room of the villa.


33 metres long Infinity Pool overlooking the Sea

BulungDaya pool and beach

Below the 2 houses, at first hidden by the gentle slope leading to the beach, lies the 33 metres long pool. Yes, it is a bit crazy to have a pool that is longer than those in most Bali hotels. However, as the sea in Bali can be quite dangerous, it is quite rational to swim in a welcoming pool. The most avid swimmers in the house may want to race other other, while the others are sipping a cocktail on the 6 chaises longues.


The pool is also very romantic at sunset: You can sit on the sunken bench to watch the clouds change colours, from white to orange.


Pool House : Gym, Massage, Bath, Cinema, Rest Bed

The pool house is located on the same level as the pool, under the second house. You can find there a gym, a massage table, a home theater, a rest bed and a bathroom.

The pool house is very convenient when you decide to stay home and enjoy the villa. Imagine that two of you are soaking up in the sun by the pool, while you are working out in the gym and while your husband is “thinking” with his eyes closed in the large sofa. A holiday together, where everyone has time for themselves!


You can practice yoga and low-impact moves on the shock-absorbing floor of the gym. There is also 1 full-body workout exercise machine, 2 cardio-training machines, and 1 massage table. The villa manager can get you a masseur or a masseuse very easily.


The rest bed is in a separate room where you can cool down a bit after the gym or a swim. It has a sofa-bed, a table, a mini-fridge and fresh beverages left for you by the staff. In the nearby bathroom, there is everything you need to get changed on the spot (shower, sink, toilet).

The house also has a movie room,  with a silver screen, a projector, comfy sofas and about 200 DVDs.


A short, 15 metres long, path on a gentle slope leads you right to the black sand beach. There, you will most certainly be alone, but for local children who come to play here in the late afternoon. Wander around the beach, discover the lovely small temple of the royal Kerambitan family, nestled near a cliff. Walk here and there, see Balinese cows grazing under the coconut trees, between beach and rice fields. This is the Bali we are all dreaming about!

Fall in love again while watching romantic Bali sunsets



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