Private Bali beach retreat with rice fields views

Bali luxury retreats

I have just completed my brand new villa rental in Bali, a luxury beach retreat called Bulung Daya. Before you visit its website (, I ‘d like to show you what it is like to wake up in this hideaway ville. This is a very private sensorial experience and I will try to find the right words to describe it. I have also shot a short video tour of the villa, so that you can picture your own Bali holidays better when reading this article.

I’d like my guests at my brand new holiday rental to do the following:

Leave Stress Behind & Rediscover your Loved Ones and Yourself

Bulung Daya, my holiday home, is located away from the hectic pace and crowded streets of the modern Bali that you can see in Kuta. This unique beach retreat lets you live an unforgettable experience by the sea, in the middle of the Balinese countryside, with the people you love.

Walk with me through your Bali beach retreat in this short video

Lifelong Memories in a Bali luxury retreat

Imagine yourself waking up in 1 of the 2 bedrooms of the villa. From your bed, you notice that the tide is on the ebb. Along the shoreline, the black volcanic sand is shining like a mirror in the morning sun.

You slide open the glass doors. The sound of the waves crashing at the foot of the nearby cliff is like an invitation for you to walk barefoot on the deck.

Bali luxury retreats

Walking under the veranda of my Bali luxury retreat

You turn slightly around the house and contemplate the rice paddies flowing down the hills like a grassy waterfall, just 20 feet away from you. In the background, little clouds cling to the summit of extinct volcano Mount Batukaru.

No other buildings around, just your holiday home. The maid, called Made, sees you, smiles at you, and asks you whether you are ready for breakfast. You go and get your spouse, who had settled down into the office to check his emails. Time also to wake up your teenagers who are sleeping in the second house. Will you all go for a stroll on the beach or among the rice paddies after breakfast? This will be a good discussion topic around the family table.

Another great is starting at Bulung Daya.

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Rice Paddies by my Bali beach retreat

If you want to explore this hideaway villa, please visitĀ its website now: (