Why RealBali.com? To share with you the best of my real experiences in Bali

bulung dayaIf you are looking to know more about Bali, about its natural attractions, hip restaurants, luxury hotels, I will do my best to share with you my real experiences.

I am pretty new to Bali, so I can relate to your status a temporary visitor. As the same time, I have now 2 villas on the island, one near Seminayk, in the peaceful area of Umalas (Villa Adagian) and one in the Tabanan regency, over a secluded beach (Villa Bulung Daya). And I’ve started learning the Indonesian language.

So, I know a thing or two about Bali and Indonesia, but I experience a lot of things for the first, just like any tourist.

If you are also building or renovating a house in Bali, I hope that this blog will be useful to you. I will share my favorite addresses of suppliers of design furniture, Balinese ceramics, or beautiful outdoor furniture. And I hope to learn from you too, so feel free to connect with me through this site.


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