Why renting a villa is one of the most romantic things to do in Bali


Among the top romantic things that you can do in Bali, renting your own private villa is certainly the surest way for a couple to enjoy each other’s company. Being together in your ideal home away from home, in an exotic setting, leads to romance. Renting a Bali villa is great for romantic getaways a deux, for a week-long second honeymoon, for a 10-year anniversary or even just to rekindle your romantic flame. A hotel cannot offer the same privacy, the same freedom and the same holiday sex. It is just on better on holiday (or vacation if you are American). And having your own private pool, with no onlookers, just makes it better and easier than in hotel that you are sharing with grannies and babies.

Obviously, I am a bit biased when it comes to recommending a villa over a hotel as a romantic Bali accommodation. As the owner of a villa on the outskirts of Seminyak (Villa Adagian in Umalas) and of another on a secluded beach in central Bali (Villa Bulung Daya in Antap), it is obvious that I enjoy staying in villas, as they really are my homes away from home. Now, it also means that after talking with plenty of guests, from young honeymooners to people celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary, I can understand and share with you the romantic appeal of a stay in a Bali holiday rental.

More Privacy

In a villa, you get the privacy you need to enjoy each other’s company.

Who wants to bump into dozens of unknown guests and lots of of hotel employees, when enjoying a romantic getaway? This is really what hotels offer, while private villas give you much more privacy. In your own villa, you do not have to fight with other guests to secure the best located chaises longues near the pool. Here, you have your own private pool, along which you can spend romantic moments in the evening or where you can even skinny dip at midnight if you feel like it.

More Space

A villa is bigger than a hotel room, which gives you an actual place where to stay during the day. You enjoy your private pool, your private garden, a big kitchen, a living room where you can cuddle while watching a DVD, and sometimes several bedrooms to try out.

You can have tea with him in the dining area, play in the pool, enjoy a siesta in the bedroom, eat some exotic fruits in the kitchen, watch a movie in the sofa, rest some more in the garden. A villa offers more places where you can be together, on your own, for various moments of the day.

Better-tailored services

Hotels offer a lot of amenities, from gyms to room service. But private villa can rival these services, if you want it. Most Bali villas come with at least one pembantu (a local house maid) who will make breakfast every day for you and will make up the bedrooms and the whole house.

It is very easy to arrange to have a private chef at home, to have a masseur come over or to have a driver taking around the island. Bali is very service-oriented and these services are cheaper than in your own country.

For instance, our maid in Villa Adagian is an excellent cook and I ask to make lunch for me when I feel like staying home. She has already helped a romantic wife light up candles all around the pool before dinner time. She’s also smart enough to leave the premises when I want to have some private time with my own loved one. In the evening, it is easy to have food delivered from places like Bali Gourmet, as this villa is located near the restaurants of Seminyak.

However, in my other villa (Bulung Daya) located on a very romantic, secluded beach. No food delivery here, this is the real Bali countryside! So, I have hired a private chef who cooks for breakfast, lunch and dinner. From regular to luxury Bali villas, all kinds of services are offered or can be arranged. Check the villa website and, even better, contact the owner or the agency to set up your romantic options.

More Freedom

Hotels have usually set hours for breakfast time. In your villa, you can get up when you want and ask the house maid to cook breakfast for you at noon if you feel like it.

This is your own romantic retreat, where you get up when you want, where you dress like you want and where you can play the music you like.

Easier to reconnect

Seclusion is great to find the time to talk with your loved ones. It is much easier to find the right words in your quiet villa than in a crowded hotel lobby. You finally get the time to be together, to be in the same for more than a couple of hours. Staying in a place that is like a home lets you unwind more easily and also gives you more occasions to focus on your marital life.

Better holiday sex

Yes, holiday sex is better. Your partner is in a better mood, he’s more playful, and he’s not (so much) distracted by his smartphone than back at home. A villa gives you lots of places where to play (by the pool, in the bedroom, in the living room, in the open-air bathroom with its big mirror, etc.).

Holiday sex is supposed to be better than that happening at hone, so much so that Psychology Today has an article about how to bring back home vacation sex. A popular Canadian online travel agency called TripCentral has even hired IPSOS Reid to poll on 1,000 Canadian women about “vacation sex”. Get this:

 63% of women ages 18-34 agree that sex while on vacation is better than sex at home, and 54% of women ages 35-44 also agree. Of the women who agree that sex is better on vacation, 63% of them are in a serious relationship. So there really is something to be said for getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday married life!

Having more privacy and more space in a villa makes it even better than in a hotel.

Not always cheaper than a hotel

Holiday rentals usually turn out to be cheaper than hotel stays. This is certainly true when you are sharing a villa with your family or with friends: the price by bedroom by night is lower than in a comparable hotel.

However, for a couple, a 1-night stay in a Bali hotel is often cheaper than a villa. As there are more and more hotels opening in Bali, there is a lot competition and hotel room prices can be very low, as some hotels are desperate to find guests. Moreover, some villas have a minimum stay (e.g. 3 nights) and do not let you stay just for one night.

In the most demanded area of Seminyak, decent hotels start at USD 50 a night, while nice villas start at USD 120 a night. Just remember that in one case you get a small bedroom in hotel shared with dozens others, while with the villa you get more room and more privacy, so more opportunities for romantic moments.

Riskier option if you do not do this

Choosing a villa rental in Bali from a private owner can be more stressful than picking a hotel from an international chain. My advice is to do your homework, select the property carefully and talk on the phone (or vis Skype) with the owner or the agency.

Here are a few pointers on how to find the perfect romantic villa in Bali:

  • Remember that if you have a view, people outside the villa may see you see too. If you can see a Balinese farmer in rice field nearby, chances are that he can see you pretty well too.
  • Tell your employee to leave early or to come later if you are planning on having some private time around the house, she/ he will not mind.
  • What is included in the villa package: breakfast? a massage for 2 ? airport pickup?
  • Beware of scams: Alway talk to the owner on the phone or on Skype, you’d be surprised how much a voice can tell you. If the owner (or the agency) does not want to talk, forget them. Google the villa and the name of the owner (as I know guests want to rent from people they can trust, I have for example displayed my bio and my contact details very visibly on my websites)

Among the top romantic things to do in Bali, renting your own private villa is a must-do for those seeking privacy, romance and freedom.