Original Bali Wedding Packages: A helicopter to make your proposal and ceremony unforgettable

bali helicopter wedding proposal
bali helicopter wedding proposal

Bali helicopter wedding proposal – Photo by Coptershoot

She looks outside the window of the helicopter. Below her, giant letters scattered on the ground spell « Dear Tania, will you marry me? ». She turns her hard back to John, her boyfriend. He’s grinning. Tania’s speechless. The helicopter descends. They land. Away for the copter, he puts his hand in his pocket and takes out a box. He manages to open it and to kneel down in front of her. Now, he voices the words spelt out by the letters: “Dear Tania, will you marry me? ». Is this really happening? Now, this is why he had been pestering her about this helicopter tour around Bali. He had been so enthusiastic this morning. Too many thoughts. Focus on the moment. “Yes, John, Yes » she utters.

After popping the ring, he takes her back on the helicopter, for a joyful tour of the island, with views on the Indian Ocean, the volcanoes, the beaches, the cliffs, the hills. Their hand are holding tight. So tight! They land again for a nice lunch and finally helicopter back to the Benoa Bay helipad.

Seventh heaven: A Bali wedding proposal in a helicopter

If this is your idea of a great Bali wedding proposal,then you will enjoy the “Love is in the Air” package put together by Air Bali Helicopter Tours & Charters. Air Bali is the one and only Western-managed helicopter company on the island, with a 20-year experience of safe flying over Bali.

“Love is in the Air”  is not just a helicopter tour, but a real wedding proposal experience. Yes, it is not cheap again, but this is once in a lifetime. This beats proposing in a crowded Kuta bar or is more intimate than in a posh Seminyak restaurant.

First, it has to be a surprise. Do not tell her. Just pretend that you both are going for a joyride over Bali. Not long after the flight has started, the 2 of you fly over Taman Bhagawan, a beautiful venue looking a Balinese temple. There, close to the beach, giant letters have been laid out by the Taman Bhagawan staff. It says “Dear (insert here the name of your beloved one), will you marry me?”.

You place the engagement ring around her finger, still in the air. You are served champagne and are whisked away for the “real” sky tour over Bali. After you land back in Benoa, you  are led to Taman Bhagawan, the place you saw from the helicopter.

There, you enjoy lunch or tea, in this spectacular venue created for functions and events like weddings. You can have a look at the beautiful wood joglos (Javanese houses).

Now, this is  memorable wedding proposal that will make your friends jealous 😉

A private Bali wedding on a secluded beach, with Air Bali

Among all the existing Bali wedding packages, this is one that is good for a couple who just want a very private ceremony. Just for the 2 of you. This is also great for a vow renewal ceremony for a committed couple. » It is a 2-hour long wedding ceremony, complete make up, priest, (local) witnesses, photographer, flowers, etc. I found this package on the Bali Tour Centre website under the Fantastic Helicopter Wedding tab. Note that other Bali wedding organizers offer this kind of service, for instance Bali Mystical Weddings’ Secluded beach with private transfer“.

Here, you embark with Air Bali for a short air trip to a secluded property on Ungasan beach, near Uluwatu. The staff will help with the bride’s hair and make up. She gets a bouquet and the groom gets a boutonniere. You are led to the bale, under which the 15-minute long ceremony will take place, along a trail covered with frangipani flowers. A protestant priest leads the wedding / vow renewal ceremony.

You get a 20-photo album of the ceremony. My advice is also to pay extra for additional photos taken on the private beach, as this is beautiful spot.

Then, you can either fly directly back to your starting point or ask to get a 20-minute sky tour of South Bali (Bukit / Uluwatu /Benoa / Jimbaran).

My advice for both packages:

  • Book in advance, as this is a private charter flight, with a small helicopter company with limited capacity
  • Book for a day at the start of your holiday in Bali. If the weather is awful on the day you had chosen, you may still have time to reschedule the flight for a later day
  • Compare Bali wedding packages. Plenty of companies actually sell the very same wedding package, under a different name.