Romantic Bali restaurants for (food) lovers: A gourmet trek around my Umalas villa

Having a great time in Bali as a romantic couple can mean conjuring up all your senses. A great person to touch, great things to see, great food to eat. Yes, food and love have intertwined for millennia in human history. Here are 4 romantic Bali restaurants where I have been. They are located less than 10 minutes by bike from my Villa Adagian, my villa in Umalas (near Seminyak and Kerobokan). They all offer fine food, excellent service and stunning décor. They are not cheap, but you are not a cheap person either, when it comes to romance, right?

Merah Putih: Indonesian nouvelle cuisine in a glass cathedral

merah putih bali romantic restaurant

Merah Putih, flying high the colors of modern Indonesia

When our French honeymooning friends sat at the restaurant’s table, they could not believe that they were still in Bali. This place was so hip, so sophisticated, so urban. We had barely rode our motorbikes for 10 minutes from my villa in Umalas (just north of Seminyak), but they felt like they had been transported to New York or Singapore.

This restaurant is not your usual local restaurant. It proudly flies the flag of contemporary Indonesian cuisine. So, this is precisely why it is called Merah Putih (Red and White), from the colors of the Indonesian red and white flag.

This is a showcase for modern Indonesian cooking, with a menu detailing two kinds of plates:

  • traditional recipes redone in a contemporary manner
  • brand new recipes created using Indonesia’s best fresh ingredients

This is also a showcase for contemporary Indonesian restaurant architecture. Imagine yourself sitting in a sort of modern cathedral, with high glass walls that filter out solar rays to prevent the place from turning into a tropical greenhouse. Well, they do have actual trees inside the restaurant! A mezzanine comprises a lounge and three private dining ‘pods’ made of teakwood that can be reserved for private functions.

My personal advice:

  • Call to book a table: It is a popular place, you do not want to wait for 30 minutes or to have to come back
  • Avoid groups: It looks and sounds like a cathedral, so groups can be very noisy. Come early and at booking time ask to be seated away from any group.
  • Wear something nice and not too short: This is a posh place, so wear something better than a Bintang tank top. The air conditioning can be chilly, too. Long trousers and shirt for men, a nice dress for women.
  • Have dinner, not lunch: The place is much more romantic at night, it looks less like a greenhouse too.

Directions: Click here to see an interactive Google map, with directions, website, and telephone details.

Sardine: Romantic rice paddies in urban Bali

sardine romantic restaurant bali

Sardine, romantic views on rice paddies

Sardine is famous for its great French-Indonesian food, but also for its very romantic dinners with views on rice paddies.

Make it a surprise to your lover: Book a table for dinner, hop on a bike (around 8 minutes from my Villa Adagian) and drive her/him there. Imagine her/his surprise when, after leaving a busy Indonesian street, both you step into this beautiful restaurant: a beautiful bamboo structure with a view on (seemingly) endless rice paddies. A night,  uplighters make the evening scene almost picture perfect. T

Before dinner, have a drink close to the rice fields. Lights have been carefully set in the rice paddies, in order to create a very romantic décor.

The food is inspired by “cuisine du soleil” or “sun cuisine” in French. It means that it is great cuisine adapted to warm weather. It’s like Southern France food mixed with Indonesian and Balinese classics (Sardine’s founder, Pascal Chevillot, is French, but the chef, Michael Shaheen, is actually from California). As the “Sardine” name implies it, the restaurant is very strong on seafood. The menu changes daily to adapt to the kind of fresh fish that the staff manages to buy from the Jimbaran market.

My personal advice:

  • Book a table for dinner, it is much more romantic as the rice paddies are all lit up
  • Come early to have a pre-dinner cocktail and sit side by side on the couches overlooking the rice fields
  • Avoid the place when the weather is very hot as this open-air restaurant has only fans, and no air conditioning

Directions: Click here to see an interactive Google map, with directions, website, and telephone details.

Métis: haute French cuisine with an Indonesian art gallery

metis romantic restaurant bali

Métis, a romantic French restaurant in Bali

Originally, the French word “métis”  is used for a person of mixed heritage. Unsurprisingly, the Métis Restaurant and Galley in Bali offers a mix of Mediterranean cuisine with Balinese influences and ingredients. Foie gras and soufflés are very popular at Métis.

The experience is bit like that of Sardine, but in a more upscale atmosphere: open air restaurant, rice fields view, French-Indonesian fusion food. However, this place is also about looking at beautiful objects and furniture in the gallery. Beautiful works of art that they can ship to your home.

If you know Bali, you may have been to a similar place, combining a restaurant with an art gallery, and called Warisan. Actually, the 2 former chefs from Warisan left the place and created Métis.

My personal advice:

  • Like Métis, avoid the place on very hot nights
  • Come for dinner, it is more romantic
  • Book your table ahead, ask to be seated at a table with a good view on the rice fields and the lotus pond
  • If you want real Indonesian food, not French cuisine, go to Merah Putih instead

Directions: Click here to see an interactive Google map, with directions, website, and telephone details.

Mozaic: A beach restaurant where fashionable clothing is de rigueur

mozaic beach club bali romantic restaurant

Mozaic Beach Club, fit for a wedding proposal

Located on the Batubelig beach, the Mozaic Beachclub is expensive. But when you step into the place, especially at night, you understand why. It is a very beautiful place, with a spectacular décor, a very nice pool, very well-trained staff, and amazing food.

The recently opened Mozaic Beachclub is the sister restaurant to the very famous Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique in Ubud, created by Chris Salans. The chef has gathered a wealth of experience from this work in London, New Zealand and Australia. This is great, international haute cuisine. Fresh food with a lot of different flavours.

If you are looking for a place to pop the question, well, this is a great choice. Mozaic also has an art gallery with items from famed brand Lotus Art de Vivre. These are exquisite little things that you could hide in his / her napkin before asking him / her to marry you.

My personal advice:

  • Come to the lounge for sunset, to enjoy the poolside bar and the trendy ambiance
  • After sunset, climb up the stairs and have dinner. Wear your best outfits.
  • Mozaic is only 10 minutes away from my Villa Adagian, but you could get lost as it is a bit hard to find on the Batu Belig beach. Look at my map to understand where it is located.

Directions: Click here to see an interactive Google map, with directions, website, and telephone details.

I hope that this short list of romantic Bali restaurants will help you create indelible memories with your loved one. Exploring Bali can definitively mean going from one gourmet restaurant to another. Just mix and match: Have a light lunch at a local warung and then dress up to go to one the fabulous Bali restaurants.