15 Stunning, Yet Little-Known, Natural Attractions in West Bali

15 Stunning, Yet Little-Known, Natural Attractions in West Bali

Do you love spending time immersed in nature? Does the idea of exploring roads less-trodden appeal to you? If so, head to the beautiful and relatively undiscovered western part of Bali. Whether you’re a first time visitor or a regular Bali explorer, this magnificent part of the island offers numerous opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors far, far away from the madding crowds.

Enjoy a break in the Bali that you thought had long disappeared and leave the over-developed and highly-commercialised parts, like Kuta, behind.

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With picturesque scenery aplenty, a calm and relaxed atmosphere, and an abundance of fantastic sights and activities, here are 15 terrific things to tempt you to add this attractive area to your Bali travel plans:

West Bali’s More Unusual and Unexpected Natural Treasures

1. Pulaki Vineyards


Explore the area by foot and enjoy longer scenic drives.

Pulaki and its environs are at the heart of Bali’s grape-growing and wine-making industry. Whether you want to explore the area by foot, enjoy longer scenic drives, or sample some of the local produce, everyone can find something to make them smile around Pulaki’s gorgeous vineyards. Hatten Wines is a major producer in the area, operating many of the glorious vineyards. A relatively new industry in Bali, see the snaking vines twisting around their pergolas, their ripe fruit looking tasty and juicy.

2. Marigold Fields


Vibrant marigolds growing in fields alongside the road.

Take a drive between Kintamani and Bedugal and you can see vibrant marigolds growing in fields alongside the road. The striking flowers look completely at home in the bright sunshine, with hues of yellow, orange, and gold stretching into the distance. You may have noticed the abundance of marigolds used to make spiritual offerings … now see the magnificent fields where they are grown!

3. Vanilla Plantations


Reward yourself with nostril-tingling aromas.

Whilst Bali is pretty well-known for its coffee production, did you also know that the island offers the prime growing conditions for the deliciously sweet and fragrant vanilla? Vanilla growing is not as profitable for farmers as it once was, so you may have to look a little harder to find a vanilla plantation. When you do though, you’ll be rewarded with nostril-tingling aromas and the sight of the green pods and attractive pale flowers. There is a large vanilla production plant close to Lovina.


4. Belimbing Rice Terraces


A jolly atmosphere at Belimbing rice terraces.

A stretching sea of emerald green steps awaits visitors at the stunning Belimbing village and rice terraces. Making excellent use of the land, the main staple food of rice can be grown on hilly ground when innovative special steps are built. Although the terraces are perhaps at their most impressive when the lush green rice is growing, the harvesting season is equally interesting to see too. Farmers tirelessly gather the grains from up and down the steps, beating the husks and using nets to make sure that no precious rice is wasted. Buffaloes plough the land, ready for replanting, and the workers create a jolly atmosphere with their chatter and singing.

5. Jatiluwih Rice Terraces

Jatiluwih_Rice_terrace bali

A beauty that can be found in agriculture.

Sitting in the shade of the towering Mount Batukaru, the UNESCO-listed Jatiluwih Rice Terraces offer several brilliant hiking trails, allowing you to get closer to the crops and fully appreciate the hard work that goes into feeding the island’s population. A blanket of green swaddles the sloped land and most visitors cannot help but be taken aback by the beauty that can be found in agriculture.

6. Blahmantung Waterfall

blahmantung waterfall_bali

Enjoy a dip in the refreshingly cool waters after your walk.

Situated in the Tabanan Regency within the area of Pupuan, the attractive and powerful Blahmantung Waterfall really is a sight for sore eyes! The frothy white water plunges around 100 metres over the cliff top, hitting a shimmering pool at the bottom. The greenery-clad rocks display an array of local flora, and lots of insects, birds, and butterflies call the area home.

There are several walking trails that lead to the spectacular falls, some more challenging than others. The nearby fertile farmland offers lush verdant views of impressively steep rice terraces and coffee and clove plantations; take a deep breath and inhale the tantalising aromas.

Enjoy a dip in the refreshingly cool waters after your walk and feel the spray from the mighty waterfall as you relax and soak up the beautiful scenery as you enjoy the tranquil and serene air. Fairly remote, expect to see few other visitors during your time here.

7. Aling Aling Waterfall

Close to the village of Sambangan, Aling Aling Waterfall sits at the heart of some outstanding scenery, with mountain views and lush greenery creating picture-perfect vistas. This is not a waterfall to just admire from the distance though … the pool will entice you to take a swim and splash around in the spray. The constant flow of water has worn the rocks smooth, creating a natural slide … perfect for those who want to inject some energetic fun into their day! Whizz down the slick rock face and feel at one with the majestic waterfall.

There are several other great waterfalls within fairly close proximity, including Pucuk Waterfall, Kembar Waterfall, Dedari Waterfall, and Cemara Waterfall. A brilliant area for hiking and trekking, you can spot an interesting array of local flora and fauna as you explore.

8. Lake Tamblingan

A shimmering and almost ethereal vision, the sparkling Lake Tamblingan can be found close to Munduk Village within Bulelemg Regency. Although it is a fairly small lake, covering around one and a half square kilometres, the myth-surrounded lake is really splendid.

The water-filled caldera is made even more enchanting by the presence of numerous temples that have been built around the edges, with some having been built actually over the lake’s surface. If you visit in the early morning you will be rewarded with the sight of swirling mists enveloping the sacred buildings.

Inhale the deliciously crisp and fresh air, enjoy the cooler temperatures, and feel at one with nature as you feast your eyes on the raw and unspoilt splendour all around. A picturesque and tranquil part of the island, it creates the perfect blend of nature, culture, and spirituality.

9. Scenic Lake Drive in Bedugul

Lake Tamblingan has two shimmering neighbours; Lake Buyan and Lake Beratan. Each of the three marvellous lakes offers its own special charms, and you can enjoy incredible views when you take a drive around the crater rims. Knowing that you are exploring lands that were once rocked by powerful volcanic explosions, which forever changed the local landscapes, really does add something extra-special to your trip.

10. Yeh Panas Hot Springs

The Tabanan Regency is home to several beautiful and soothing natural hot springs, one of which is the lovely Yeh Panas Hot Spring. Also sometimes known as Tabanan Hot Springs, you can ease your weary body into the naturally warm and mineral-rich waters and simply sit and relax.

Whether you choose to unwind in the larger pool or head to one of the smaller pools alongside the banks of the babbling river, you are sure to have a great time. The waters are said to contain healing and restorative properties, great for overall health and well-being. The views are lovely, the sensation is wonderfully calming, and you can combine relaxation with attractive nature.

11. Air Panas Angseri


Angseri Hot Springs |© mastomi photo

If you are after a more intimate bathing experience check out the delightful Angseri Hot Springs (Air Panas Angseri). Set amidst radiant rice paddies and surrounded by glorious nature, watch farmers working the land from the warm comfort of your own private bath. There is also a public pool with a shimmering waterfall. Whilst the remote nature and the bumpy access road may be off-putting to some people, if you love spending time at relatively pure and untouched places and free from the tourist crowds, the spectacular Angseri Hot Springs may be just what you are looking for!

12. Mount Batukaru

Enjoy an invigorating hike up the forested slopes of Mount Batukaru, Bali’s second tallest mountain. A terrific place for experienced hikers and climbers who love a bit of a challenge, the extinct volcano is enveloped in lush forests. There are several routes up the mountain, with the one starting at Sarinbuana said to be the easiest. People should make sure that they take plenty of water and sustenance, as there are no facilities on the sacred mountain, and explore with an experienced local guide.


13. Medewi Beach


Magical sunset.

A fabulous surfing spot in one of Bali’s remotest areas, Medewi Beach is a terrific place to grab your board and hit the surf away from the hedonistic party-going people of other popular surfing beaches. If you feel like keeping both feet on dry land the beach is also perfect for a long walk as you lap up the ocean views and watch small fishing boats bobbing about on the distant waves. Sunsets are rather magical here too, offering plenty of romance when in the right company!

14. Yeh Leh Beach

Located in Jembrana Regency, the unusual Yeh Leh Beach is sometimes also referred to as Mystery Boulder beach. If the wonderful name isn’t enough to pique your curiosity make sure that you schedule a trip to this obscure stretch of coast. Whilst it’s not a spot for swimming or sunbathing it offers something much more interesting … a fabulous landscape of smooth boulders clustered along the coarse sands. Some have been polished by the waves, gleaning in the sunshine, whereas others others are swathed in algae and lichen. It is not known how these thousands of boulders found their way to this particular area, hence the mystery!

15. Menjangan Island

A terrific place for exploring the treasures of the ocean deep, enjoy diving and snorkelling off the coast of the stunning Menjangan Island. Watch as schools of colourful fish swim past, see brilliant coral, and spot marine creatures like seahorses and turtles. If you are lucky you might even see whale sharks!

Part of the Menjangan Archipelago and falling under the Bali Barat National Park, you can easily wander around the small island, enjoying white sandy beaches, the peaceful atmosphere, gorgeous views, and the native flora and fauna. Regular boats connect the small island to Bali’s Labuan Lalang.

Enjoy the incredible views from Pura Rambut Siwi, stroll through Sangeh Money Forest, explore West Bali National Park, discover numerous scenic driving routes, meander through fragrant coffee plantations, and more! There really are so many wondrous and wonderful natural attractions within easy reach of the luxurious and blissfully relaxing Villa Bulung Daya. Combine the perfect accommodation with plenty of striking natural sights and have fun discovering a different, and often delightfully hidden, side of Bali.

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