7 ways to avoid the dreaded Bali Breakup Island Curse

bali breakup island

Should honeymooners avoid Bali? Why is Bali called “The Breakup Island”? How to avoid the Bali Curse and hold on to your loved one after coming back from Indonesia? I will explain to you what this Bali Breakup Island Course is about and give you 7 ways to avoid. Just like any folk tale, this is some sort a lesson …

Bali First Timers: Tips for my friends’ first trip to Indonesia

What to do in West Bali

Are you looking for tips for your first trip to Bali, Indonesia? Here are the actual tips that I give to my friends who are Bali First Timers like you, so that they enjoy their travel to the island. Some general trip advice for Bali First Timers: – Try not to check in any luggage, only use carry-on suitcases. This …

Why renting a villa is one of the most romantic things to do in Bali


Among the top romantic things that you can do in Bali, renting your own private villa is certainly the surest way for a couple to enjoy each other’s company. Being together in your ideal home away from home, in an exotic setting, leads to romance. Renting a Bali villa is great for romantic getaways a deux, for a week-long second honeymoon, …


Bali yoga retreats for couples: Learn Tantric Yoga from expert Gurus


Why does Bali seem to offer so many classes where couples can learn to better communicate and to better enjoy their intimacy? I had this on my mind while searching for Bali yoga retreats near my villa. I kept on stumbling upon things like “Bali Couples Retreat – Rediscovering Intimacy”, ” Tantra Alchemy”, “Bali Bliss Retreat” or “Tantra and the Yoga …


Things to do in Bali for a couple: Unconventional Bali massages for women and men

bali massage for couple

From an extravagant Arabian Nights-themed private spa suite in Seminyak to the intriguing “Happy Marital Life” rituals (vaginal smoking, anyone?) in a very upscale spa, as well as to a Bali massage for gay couples on a honeymoon, I’ve tried to list original Real Bali experiences for you. You can book either of my villas, Bulung Daya or Adagian, and …


Romantic Bali restaurants for (food) lovers: A gourmet trek around my Umalas villa

Having a great time in Bali as a romantic couple can mean conjuring up all your senses. A great person to touch, great things to see, great food to eat. Yes, food and love have intertwined for millennia in human history. Here are 4 romantic Bali restaurants where I have been. They are located less than 10 minutes by bike …